Call for course proposals – LSA Summer Institute 2019

We are currently accepting proposals for additional courses to be offered during the Institute.

Tentative List of Courses

Advanced Computational Linguistics
Advanced Historical Linguistics
Advanced Psycholinguistics
Advanced Sociolinguistics in Bi/Multilingual communities
Advanced Statistical & Data Analysis
Advanced Syntax
Advanced Topics in Linguistic Typology
Articulatory Phonetics/Phonology
Chicano Sociolinguistics
Computational approaches to Language Evolution
Computational Phonology
Computational Syntax
Constraint-Based formalisms
Construction Grammar
Corpus Linguistics
Digital Humanities and Language Research
Digital methods in language documentation
Experimental Pragmatics
Field Methods
Forensic Linguistics
Historical Sociolinguistics
Indigenous Languages of California
Introduction to Computational Linguistics
Introduction to Discourse Analysis
Introduction to Historical Linguistics
Introduction to Language Acquisition
Introduction to Language Typology
Introduction to Morphology
Introduction to NLP
Introduction to Phonetics
Introduction to Phonology
Introduction to Pragmatics
Introduction to Psycholinguistics
Introduction to Semantics
Introduction to Sociolinguistics
Introduction to Statistics with R
Introduction to Syntax
Laboratory Phonology
Language and Cognition
Language and Racialization
Language, Gender, and Sexuality
Lexical Semantics
Linguistics and Non-Verbal Communication
Multimodal Interactive Systems
Neurobiology of Language
Philosophy of Language
Phonetic Fieldwork & Documentation
Pidgins and Creoles
Sign Language Grammars
Sound Change
Speech Perception
Western Speech