Ling StoryCorps

LingStoryCorps was a success! Brian Joseph would like to thank those who took part in this new project!. Read more 

Weekend Conferences

Check out the list of satellite conferences that will be held concurrently with the Institute in Davis.
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Wednesday Workshops

We are thrilled to announce the roster of Wednesday Workshops available to all registered students at the Institute at no additional cost.
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Social Hours

Tuesdays and Fridays from 4:10-5:40 pm is social hour. Our primer will explain all you need to know about social hours. Read more 

PopUp mentoring

PopUp Mentoring sessions were a success. Thank you to the organizers (Kristen Syrett & Jessica Rett) and those who applied as mentors and mentees! Read more


We heard your questions, and we have answers! We are constantly updating our FAQ page.
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3MT Winners!

Tasheney Francis (University of Manitoba) won the inaugural 3MT competition held last July 17. Chloe Brotherton and Peter Torres (Both UC Davis) were named runners up. Read more

Adding and Dropping Courses

The last day to add classes is June 30. The last day to drop classes is July 8.

Meet Garland

Follow Garland, the Institute mascot, as they tour some Davis hotspots! Read more


The digital revolution has created new avenues for language use and novel modalities of communication. The ubiquity of technology mediates our linguistic and social interactions. The pervasive influence of technology on human development has the potential to impact the acquisition of language and change social behavior.

Technology generates new streams of data, but also offers new methods to gather and analyze data. These new approaches to testing linguistic theories include experimental research of language processing, modeling linguistic change, and more comprehensive ways to document endangered languages.

New generations of linguists will be expected to investigate these questions and incorporate methods, tools, and skills appropriate for the digital era into their scientific paradigm.

[Download the Institute poster here]

Get to know the faculty

Get to Know Your Instructors: Colleen Fitzgerald

Colleen Fitzgerald (University of Texas, Arlington) doesn’t just use technology for language documentation, she is also an avid Instagrammer! In this interview, she talks about everything from her passion for …

Get to Know Your Staff: Chloe and Peter

Project Coordinator, Chloe, and Publicity Coordinator, Peter Torres, answer some rapid-fire questions so that you can get to know them better. #lingstitute2019 Visit our YouTube channel and Facebook page to …

Get to Know Your Instructors: Marianne Mithun

LSA Vice-President/President-Elect Marianne Mithun (UC Santa Barbara) will be spending the summer teaching the Indigenous California Linguistic Landscape course at #lingstitute2019. In this interview, we asked Marianne about how she …

Get to Know Your Instructors: Michael Gavin

Michael Gavin and Stanley Dubinsky (U of South Carolina) will teach the “Global Ethnolinguistic Conflict: An Internet Encyclopedia Project” course. We are excited to have Michael—a digital humanist—in our #lingstitute2019 …