1. Will there be housing available? Yes, but there will be a limited number of on-campus dorms available for students (partners and family can not be accommodated) to share a double dorm room. As soon as registration opens, be sure to pay your Institute fee and housing deposit! Arrangements will be made on a first-come-first served basis.
  2. If I get a dorm, will there be a meal plan available? Yes, you can pay for a plan for 1, 2, or 3 meals/day at the dining commons.
  3. If I stay in a dorm, do I have to get a meal plan? Yes, all students staying in the dorms must purchase a meal plan with at least 1 meal per day.
  4. How much will on-campus housing cost? We are finalizing these details and hope to have a definitive answer by January.
  5. Do you have any suggestions for housing that’s not on campus? Sure! There are many resources to help you find housing in Davis, such as AirBnB and Facebook subleasing/housing pages.

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