Parking on Campus

We strongly encourage people not to drive if it can be avoided.  If you’re planning to bring a  car to the Institute, one option is to park outside of campus/downtown and take a bus in (e.g., Adams & Anderson in West Davis). There are also non-restricted spaces on Olive Drive, near In-N-Out:


If you plan to park on campus:

  • How do I buy a parking permit? Institute attendees will need to purchase daily parking passes if they want to park in the visitor lots on campus. These cost $9 and can be purchased at any lot. Visitors can also buy passes in bulk (10 days), but the price is $9 per day regardless. There are some locations off campus with free parking, but they are somewhat restricted. Unfortunately, there are no online purchases, but rates can be seen online (

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Visitor: Available to all faculty, staff, students, and the public. Valid in visitor parking lots on the date of purchase. After 5pm, Visitor Permits are also valid in any non-restricted parking space and at parking meters. Multiple use (up to 10 days) permits may be purchased at the TAPS office.


Summer hours: Free parking

Parking is free in ‘Visitors’ spots after 5pm during the week and anytime on the weekends. This is a great option for attending the evening lectures/receptions over by the Conference Center and the weekend conferences.


… alternatives to the $9 visitors permits

Davis also has an excellent bus system; note that taking the bus anywhere from campus is free (they don’t check passes). The fare to campus is $1.25. One option is to park your car in a non-restricted area in West Davis (e.g., Arthur & Alameda: or East Davis (e.g., Olive Drive behind In-n-Out) and take the bus over.



Where to park for Institute events

  • Where’s the best place to park for classes? Visitor Parking Lots (the P Lots) 5, 15, 16, 22, and the Quad Lot (
  • Where’s the best place to park for going to the lectures? Visitor Lots P1 and 2 for the Conference Center, lot P5 for Rock Hall and Student Community Center (see map above)
  • TAPS Parking maps:



… but remember bike parking is always free!

Biking is incredibly common on campus and in the city. Davis is known as the “Biking Capital of America.” Campus has numerous bike paths that make it very accessible via bike. You can buy or rent a bike from several places on campus, including the UC Davis Bike BarnKen’s Bike and SkiGreen Bicycle Depot, and B & L Bike Shop. The bike-sharing service Jump Bike has also expanded to Davis. Please be aware of the bike laws in Davis.

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