Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor(s)
110Introduction to Morphological TheoryDavid Embick
111Introduction to PragmaticsAnne Bezuidenhout
112Introduction to SyntaxIda Toivonen
113Introduction to SemanticsJ. Michael Terry
120Introduction to PhoneticsKeith Johnson
121Introduction to ProsodyNigel G. Ward, Francisco Torreira
122Introduction to PhonologyLaura Downing
130Intro to Computational LinguisticsKenji Sagae
140Introduction to PsycholinguisticsMatthew Traxler
141Introduction to Language AcquisitionKatharine Graf Estes
150Field MethodsPamela Munro
151Introduction to Discourse AnalysisBarbara Johnstone
152Introduction to SociolinguisticsRobert Bayley
160Introduction to Language TypologyBernard Comrie
161Introduction to Historical LinguisticsLyle Campbell
210Advanced SyntaxDavid Pesetsky
220Articulatory Phonetics/PhonologySusan Lin
221Speech PerceptionPatrice Beddor, Kevin McGowan
222Laboratory PhonologyCynthia Clopper
230Constraint-based Syntax and SemanticsAnne Abeillé, Jean-Pierre Koenig
231Advanced Statistics and Data AnalysisSantiago Barreda
240Constructionist ApproachesAdele Goldberg
241Advanced PsycholinguisticsFernanda Ferreira
242Neurobiology of LanguageDavid Corina
250Historical SociolinguisticsMark Richard Lauersdorf
251Advanced Sociolinguistics: Analysis of Social MeaningQing Zhang
252Language, Gender, and SexualityLal Zimman
261Advanced Historical LinguisticsBrian Joseph, Rich Janda
310Lexicon in Linguistic TheoryJames Pustejovsky, Olga Batiukova
311Acquisition of SemanticsKristen Syrett
312Experimental SyntaxElaine Francis, Savithry Namboodiripad
313Locality in SyntaxMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine, Hadas Kotek
315Integrative Models of Morphological OrganizationFarrell Ackerman, James Blevins
330Computational PhonologyJeffery Heinz
331Corpus LinguisticsStefan Th. Gries
332Experimental PragmaticsJudith Degen
334Computational PsycholinguisticsEmily Morgan
335Computational MorphophonologyEric Baković, Colin Wilson
336Information-Theoretic Approaches to LinguisticsRichard Futrell
337Modeling Linguistic NetworksRory Turnbull
338Computational Learning TheoryVsevolod Kapatsinski
339NLP and Digital HumanitiesAnupam Basu
340Language and CognitionTerry Regier
341The Bilingual BrainLoraine Obler, Eve Higby
350African American EnglishJohn Baugh
351Sociolinguistic Field MethodsPatricia Cukor-Avila
353Digital Methods in Language DocumentationAndrea Berez-Kroeker, Colleen Fitzgerald
354Language and RacializationMary Bucholtz, Anne Charity Hudley
355Voice Quality and Social MeaningRob Podesva
356Pidgins and CreolesMarlyse Baptista
357Amazonian Languages: Diversity, Typology, Historical Change and Language ContactMartin Kohlberger, Katherine Bola–ños
358Game-Theoretic Approaches to Sociolinguistic Variation and ChangeHeather Burnett
359Global Ethnolinguistic Conflict: An Internet Encyclopedia ProjectStanley Dubinsky, Michael A. Gavin
360Sound ChangeMichela Russo
370Sign Language GrammarsCarlo Geraci
371Battle in the Mind Fields: Rupture and continuity in the mind sciencesJohn Goldsmith
372The Indigenous California Linguistic LandscapeMarianne Mithun
373The Structure of Tashlhiyt BerberMohamed Lahrouchi
374Gesture and Sign Language AnalysisCorrine Occhino, Ryan Lepic
375Language in the LawDieter Stein, Victoria Guillen
377The Phonology and Grammar of Southern Pomo (peq) NarrativesNeil Alexander Walker
378Linguistics Pedagogy: Theory and PracticeMiranda McCarvel, Ann Bunger
380Folk Linguistics and Language RegardDennis Preston
381Topics in Sociolinguistics and Computer-Mediated CommunicationMarisa Brook, Emily Blamire