Wednesday Workshop

Scientific Writing in Linguistics

Facilitator: Shanley Allen (University of Kaiserslautern)

Date: July 17, 2019

Time: 9-5pm

Location: TBD

Abstract: Writing well is an essential skill for a successful academic career. This workshop will provide participants with concrete tools to improve their writing in linguistics, from course papers to dissertation chapters to journal articles. The first block will focus on how to develop a story line throughout the paper, with exercises covering the general structure of the Introduction and Discussion sections. The second block will highlight how to pay attention to reader expectations and use logical flow to make the story line clear at the paragraph and sentence level. The third block will highlight article and conference abstracts as a case study in how to make the story line clear in a shortened format. The workshop will end with a block on increasing motivation and reducing stress, highlighting methods for writing productively and consistently. Concrete examples from both theoretical and empirical work will be used, and participants will do hands-on exercises in each block. Participants are encouraged to send a sample abstract to the instructor before the workshop.