Wednesday Workshop

Web-based experiments with PennController for Ibex 

Facilitator: Jérémy Zehr (University of Pennsylvania)

Date: July 10, 2019

Time: 10:30-3pm

Location: TBD

Abstract: This workshop will introduce PennController, a library developed for Internet Based Experiments (Ibex). PennController provides a user-friendly interface to implement a multitude of designs while at the same time extending Ibex’s built-in features (e.g. adding multimedia support) and offering full control over the sequence of events within a trial. Fully compatible with JavaScript, it offers a much simplified syntax that can be learned over the course of the workshop.The workshop consists of two 1h30 sessions. The first session focuses on trial-internal aspects: how to display elements on the screen and how to script a sequence of events. The second session focuses on more global aspects: how to structure sequences of trials and how to collect and visualize results. By the end of the two sessions, attendants will have acquired the skills to design an experiment from the beginning to the end, ready for full data collection.This workshop will be of interest both to students and researchers who plan to run experiments online for their own study, and to teachers willing to use a user-friendly tool to introduce their students with experimental design.


Requirements: Participants should bring their laptop