Call for Workshops and Symposia

The 2019 LSA Linguistic Institute will be held at the University of California Davis from June 24 to July 19, 2019. We are currently accepting proposals for workshops, conferences, and symposia to occur during the Institute. The theme of the 2019 Institute is “Linguistics in the Digital Era,” but we are interested in proposals in any area of linguistics. We are particularly interested in proposals that are synergistic with the topics covered in Institute courses, or that relate to topics addressed at the LSA’s Annual Meetings or in its publications. A full list of courses is available on the Institute website (

One-day workshops may be held on any open Wednesday (June 26, July 10, 17) during the Institute, and should be 3 to 6 hours in duration. Two-day conferences may also be held on weekends during the Institute, including June 24-25 and July 20-21. Longer (e.g. 3-day) conferences will be considered, but are discouraged because of overlap with Institute classes.

Wednesday workshop proposals should focus on professional development and training activities (e.g. introducing students and affiliates to new methods in research and pedagogy, writing skills and publishing strategies, preparing to enter academia and the workforce, outreach, etc.). Weekend conferences and symposia should focus on the dissemination and discussion of research. The Linguistic Institute will provide space for workshops and will help with the space logistics for conferences, but is not able to cover other expenses (refreshments, name tags, etc.). Conferences should be self-funded, mostly through participant registration fees. While workshops are expected to be self-funded also (through grants or other research support sources), the institute will offer a small stipend to the organizers of a few selected workshops, when other sources of funding are not available.

Proposals should take the following form:

  • A title and a short description of the workshop/conference (< 300 words)
  • The date(s) on which the organizers would like to hold the event (along with second and third choices for possible dates) and the expected times on those dates (e.g. 8:30-5:00).
  • An estimated number of participants or other information relevant to space requirements.
  • For Wednesday workshops, indicate if Institute funding is needed
  • Motivations for holding this conference at the LSA Linguistic Institute (relationship to courses, theme, inclusion of Institute faculty, etc.).

The deadline for receipt of workshop/symposia proposals is September 1, 2018. Notification of acceptance will be sent by October 15.