Call for course proposals – LSA Summer Institute 2019

The next LSA Summer Linguistic Institute will be held at the University of California at Davis from June 24 – July 19, 2019. The theme of the Institute is Language in the Digital Era.

We are currently accepting proposals for additional courses to be offered during the Institute. These courses will be complemented by courses taught by faculty directly invited by the Institute’s organizing committee. The aim is to develop a slate of courses that provides broad coverage of linguistics within the context of the Institute’s theme.

All Institute courses will last for four weeks, with two 90-minute class periods each week (for a total of eight class sessions). We are interested in proposals for courses that are broadly related to this theme, as well as in any area of linguistics (including those unrelated to the theme).

We are particularly interested in proposals for clusters of courses that relate to one another, especially when taught by a group of scholars interested in using the Institute to pursue collaborative research projects.

For the instructors of accepted courses, the Institute will cover the costs of travel, housing, and will provide a small honorarium. Proposals to co-teach courses are welcome, including proposals that split courses between two instructors. For co-taught courses, expenses will be paid for both instructors but the honorarium will be divided between the instructors.

Proposals will be evaluated by the course review committee. On the basis of the proposal evaluations, the LSA 2019 Institute Steering Committee will make a final selection of courses that ensures a coherent, well-balanced curriculum.

Proposals should take the following form:

  • Course Title/Instructor(s)
  • A short course description (no more than 300 words)
  • A brief explanation of the motivation for the course (no more than 200 words, include relevance to the theme of the institute, if applicable)
  • An outline of course topics or readings (to give us a sense of how you would fit the topic into a four-week course)

A brief statement of any synergistic activities related to the course should also be included. This might include (among other possibilities): collaborators teaching (or proposing) other courses, relationship of the course to workshops or other events held at the LSA annual meeting, and so on. We encourage all proposals to explore synergies with the LSA annual meetings (both before and after the Institute) to enhance the continuity of the projects. We also encourage those proposing to teach a course to consider becoming members of the LSA (if you are not already or are a lapsed member).

Proposals should avoid overlap with courses already planned for the 2019 Institute (see for a tentative list of invited courses).

The deadline for receipt of course proposals is April 1, 2018. Proposals should be submitted as a pdf to